Founded in 1998 by former British Touring Car Championship driver Marc Nordon, MNR Sportscars has earned a reputation as one of the leading producers of hand built road and race cars in Europe. From our rural location in North Yorkshire, England, we design, manufacture and build a range of exciting sportscars, excelling over two decades on both road and track.

Our state of the art factory provides the highly skilled MNR team with a wide range of industry leading engineering capabilities and systems. With this at our disposal, we manufacture and build complete sportscars, whilst also designing and manufacturing many one off / batch components and rapid prototypes.

Cutting edge CNC machining and billeting allows for large amounts of our parts to be made in-house, along with CNC mould making, custom race manifolds, rollcage design and manufacture and race preparation. Giving drivers on the road and track the chance to fulfil their dreams.

MNR offer an unrivalled service, supplying cars successfully all over the world and providing race winning machinery, preparation and support in a host of different motorsport categories. The balance between engineering precision and an experienced team give MNR drivers an affordable, reliable and safe way to enjoy high performance motoring.