A few days after the first lockdown was eased the deliveries we needed started to come through once more meaning that the kits ordered pre lock down could be started upon once more.

Of course living on site it was inevitable that Marc was going to be working as normal throughout but as space became more limited due to the amount of chassis’s it became more like a game of tetris finding floor space to continue manufacturing.

For a good month everything was going so well until during one of the huge storms brought lightning with it and the factory took a direct hit. It didn’t become evident until the next morning the amount of damage that we had suffered (the picture isn’t actual footage just found for illustration purposes).

Photo by Sean McAuliffe on Unsplash

We knew initially that we had been wiped out of power as Sarah and kids were plunged into complete darkness whilst Marc was taking an evening off down at the local.

Thankfully the Powergrid guys had us up and running within a few hours and initially we found the TV had blown which was going to be an obvious discovery since the surge blew a chuck of plaster off the wall above the power socket.

The workshop though since having a direct hit wasn’t so lucky with just a TV and DVD broken sadly. In fact it would be easier to list the electricals that did survive rather than everything we lost!

New phones and getting the computers up and running was priority whilst we uncovered other problem areas which weren’t such an easy fix.

First major headache was the milling machine which when the PC was replaced wasn’t receiving any communication – several days of trying everything we could think of we’d exhausted all options. A few Google searches later and we found Glenn over at GKC Solutions. Glenn had us up and running again that day and then was able to have a look at the router which due to the system it was using wasn’t as straight forward but gave us a work around which will do for now until a new solution/machine can be sourced.

With the amount of billet components required as an immediate need it was a blessing that we found someone that knew the machines and was only 30 miles away.

cnc aluminium billet - cnc billet machining milling

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