Custom Rollcages


Rollcage design & Manufacture

We can design and manufacture roll cages / safety structures for any vehicle, supplied either in kit form or fully installed.

Which type of cage do you require:-

Safety requirements for competition use vary depending on the Motorsport category / Championship the vehicle is going to be used in, with over 20 years of Motorsport experience we can advise you of the correct specification you require.

We can produce anything from a simple 6 point bolt in cage to a highly complex multi-point fully welded and gusseted structure, either as a one off or as a production run.

Creating your cage:

We then design and plot the entire structure in our Cad software ensuring it fully complies for the category the vehicle is to be used in.

​Once approval by the customer has been given we then send the model data to each of the Cnc machines for manufacture in this process we only use Msa and Fia approved and certified tube. 

​Each tube is Cnc notched / scalloped / cut and bent ensuring high accuracy.

As well as creating the safety structure we also offer a full installation service including full competition body shell preparation and seam welding all to Msa or Fia specifications.

specialist cUSTOM CAGES