Vortx Mazda

Starter Kit Car

Very popular as a build it yourself starter kit car with 3 different kit variations to choose from. The Concept and Design brief for this model was to ensure we could use as many parts as possible from the popular Mazda MX-5 to enable the build of a high quality, reliable, low cost summer sports car, that having used so many of the donor cars original components qualifies for an age related plate.

Technical Spec:-
  • Qualifies for age related registration plate.
  • Fully jigged track developed 16 & 18 gauge round tube chassis.
  • All aluminium panels powder coated 
  • Single adjustable alloy bodied protech shock absorbers all round.
  • Fully adjustable wishbones, enabling toe and camber change.
  • High gloss gelcoat finish bodywork (no painting required).
  • Front inboard pushrod suspension as standard.
  • Integrated RAC MSA approved cage as standard (enables competition use).
  • Accepts Mazda 1.6l petrol/1.8l petrol Mk1 & Mk2 & Mk2.5 Donor.
  • Accepts both Torsion and open differentials.
  • All parts supplied with necessary hardware/fixings.
  • High ratio steering rack.
  • Compatible with turbo installations 
Starter Kit:-

Our entry level kit consists of:

  • Non Powder coated round tube independent chassis Including MSA approved ROPS.
  • Non Powder coated Engine mountings to suit your application.
  • Non Powder coated Gearbox mountings.
  • Non fitted aluminium floor pan.
  • Non Powder coated foot well panels.
  • Non Powder coated Pair of front lower wishbones In oval tube.
  • Non Powder coated Pair of front top wishbones In oval tube with quick adjust camber fittings, to accept spherical rod ends.
  • Non Powder coated Pair of rear lower adjustable wishbones In oval tube allows full control over rear toe and camber.
  • Non Powder coated Pair of rear upper wishbones in oval tube.
  • Full plated wishbone fixing kit.
  • Poly bushes and stainless steel crush tubes.
  • Front billet alloy rockers and non powder coated pushrods.
  • Rocker needle roller bearings and thrust bearing kits.
  • MNR nine piece gloss gelcoat bodywork set available in 8 standard colours.
  • Nose cone ( Traditional or Race ).
  • Bonnet
  • Scuttle panel with double bubble and integrated dashboard face.
  • One piece main body tub.
  • Pair of front cycle wing arches.
  • Pair of rear arches.
Intermediate Kit:-

In addition to the starter kit, this package also includes:

  • Full powder coated wishbones and chassis.
  • Full powder coated aluminium panels.
  • Aluminium single adjustable shocks and springs pack.
  • Headlamp mounting bar and fastenings.
  • Interior trim panels pack carbon effect.
  • Baffled aluminium fuel tank, fuel lines and all fixings.
  • High ratio steering rack and billet alloy mountings.
  • Steering rack adaptors.
  • Steering links and joints.
  • Pair of new track rod ends.
  • Pair of Front Lower Ball-joints.
  • Modified steering column assembly ( exchange ).
  • Modified and rebalanced prop shaft ( exchange ).
  • Pre-made brake-pipe kit including stainless steel flexis hoses, both T-pieces and brake pressure switch.
  • Complete billet pedal box assembly.
  • One piece transmission tunnel cover in GRP.
Full Kit :-

With our full kit simply add the parts from your donor car to complete your build, contains all items from the starter and intermediate kits, plus the addition of the following:

  • Alloy differential mounts.
  • Stainless exhaust kit includes down pipe, link pipe and silencer.
  • Induction adapter kit Including K & N Filter.
  • Fuel pump, filter and mounting kit.
  • Complete coolant pack includes radiator, header tank, all pipework, cooling fan and bracket.
  • GRP seat kit and mountings.
  • Seat runner kit ( drivers side ).
  • TRS 4 point harness pack.
  • Mirror pack, both sides and centre.
  • Fuel filler cap and pipe and pipework.
  • Fuel level sender.
  • Team Dynamics wheel and tyre package.
  • Pro Wheel spacer kit.
  • Lighting pack, headlights, Indicators, side repeaters, and all rear lights.
  • Savage rear fog light switch.
  • Savage fan override switch.
  • Savage hazard switch.
  • IVA approved immobiliser.
  • Battery mounting tray and strap.
  • Trim pack , bonnet retaining fasteners and wing piping.
  • Brake pack.
  • 2 x New front discs.
  • 1 x Front brake pad set.
  • 2 x New rear discs.
  • 1 x Rear brake pad set.
  • 1 x Handbrake lever assembly complete.
  • 1 x Handbrake cable set.
  • 2 x Exchange refurbished rear calipers.
  • 2 x Exchange refurbished front calipers.